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It all started way back in the 1900's or so!

Ya' we know, my parents use to say "Back In so-n-so time, in the blinding snow, and with no shoes we use to walk 20 miles to school" ya, ya! But that's just about how the Boomer Band got started.


Actually the truth is already out. Just not everyone knows about it!

Sources revealed one summer day in 1984,  the City Of Carlton Oregon had a local parade and event (as they do today) called "Carlton Fun Day's". The Carlton Fun Day promoters & city business's wanted a live act to spice up the event that year. A local person/musician heard about this need and called around to his fellow musicians and very quickly formed a spoof band to play the event.  The band members were, Eric, John and Dave. The Boomettes were Ellyn, Connie, Jackie and Joann, and Michael Le Clair was the sound engineer. So the question was "What Well We Play" these musicians wondered.  Someone said, how about "50's Rock & Roll Music" everyone likes that!

They need a name for the band so they called themselves "The Bouncing Baby Boomer Band Featuring The Legendary Boomettes with Enriqueo and the Flaming Batons". Eric & John came up with that catchy name in just a few minutes, but the name was soon shortened to The Bouncing Baby Boomer Band.

But that's just the start. The "BBBB" for short, had some very talented musicians just thrown together for this event. Turns out, all this talent made for a real great 50's Rock & Roll band! The Carlton Fun Day event was such a wild success the BBBB was asked by another local city (that day) to play their event in just a few days. The BBBB said yes.

And as Paul Harvey say's "That's The Rest Of The Story"

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