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The Boomer Band Sound


All audio clip's are from "LIVE" performances, NOT studio recordings!
     (recorded live at the University of Oregon Oregon, at 1/2 time, 2004)


You might need a RealAudio player on you computer to hear any of these clips.


Here is the fabulous "LEE GARRETT " just shakin' up the house ...............

LUCILLE    mp3|real    1,119KB or 729KB

THE TWIST    mp3|real    596KB or 389KB

THERES SOMETHING ON YOUR MIND    mp3|real    5,444KB or 3,532KB

Here is the Legendary "BOOMETTES " tearin'  it up ...............

DA DOO RON RON    mp3|real    495KB or 323KB

Here is "BEANO" singing his heart out ......... 

DADDYS HOME    mp3|real    579KB or 379KB

LITTLE DARLIN'    mp3|real  843KB or 548KB

ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY    mp3|real    465KB

Here is "ELDO CADDY" doing what he does best .................

READY, WILLING AND ABLE    mp3|real    465KB

SICK & TIRED    mp3|real    462KB




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